• Sunraise on Ramsay Lake

  • White Horse. North Territories

  • Village of Petty Harbour

  • Hannu Lintu. Finnish Conductor

  • R. Murray Schafer. Canadian Composer,Writer,Music Educator

  • Lynn Harrell. American classical cellist

  • West Side Story. The set up of the show

  • Morning on Wharf in Gull Cove

  • Morning Fog.Gull Cove.White Head Island

  • Jerry Rideout,lobster fishermen, with his father

  • Bill Mourik, Lobster fishermen.

  • Billy Miller. Lady Whitehead Ferry engineer

  • Paul Haining Production

  • Pierre Trepanier Security

  • Ron Colpaart Head Electrician of the Southam Hall. NAC

  • Stefany Truant